Lost Trends Indie Rock band from York official page

Lost Trends are a 4 piece Indie/Rock band from York. Formed in 2011 and have worked their way up from bedroom band to headline act, mixing fast indie/rock with dance sounds and funky beats.


“York band chosen to soundtrack sports coverage on national TV” - YorkMix

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“They entertain a crowd in a way that many of their contemporaries can’t match. Lost Trends are scholars at intertwining tight, funky dance sounds with phenomenal, soaring rock vocals and punk attitude. In a parallel universe Lost Trends are playing stadiums supported by U2.” - Bill Adamson

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“Lost Trends really are a band you have to see live to get the full experience, they know just how to extract every dollop of energy from the crowd, something they’ve spent a long time perfecting all over the country” - Mad Alice Records

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“Lost Trends are destined to be in a league of their own with their original and innovative sound” - Abbie Harrop - Riff Media

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